First of all, may you’re wondering why should you or anyone use the Redux with AsyncStorage. Is easier to use the Redux with AsyncStorage and you can just worry about the Redux and his state will persist normally, which means the user can close his phone and the state still will be saved, I’ll show you.

However, what is Redux? The Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. Commonly the Redux and React are using together because React commonly are using, manipulating, passing to another component a lot of states and it could be a little hard to manipulate and maintain.

We’ll use the React native with the Expo.

1. We’ll start the expo template with Typescript

npx expo init -t expo-template-blank-typescript reduxWithReact

Your repository must look like:

Guilherme Lisboa

I'm a React developer that uses Reactjs and React native professionally, I'm a web developer for more than 3 years.

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